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My Life-Changing Experience in Boston with Mr. Miyagi (& My Top 5 Takeaways)

For those of your that know me well, know that I love to make at least one trip a year somewhere, on my own. It's my favourite way to treat myself or celebrate what I've accomplished so far that year, and a chance to be on my own in quiet, brainstorm some new ideas, be inspired by new surroundings and learn some new things about the city I wind up in. My latest adventure brought me to Boston. I overheard a man on the plane describe it as his "favourite American city" because of all the windy roads that pre-dated cars and were built for horse-drawn buggies. The streets were great and all, but I fell in love with the city for so many other reasons.

The trip itself was arranged so I could to meet my coach for a day of personal development and business building, so I decided to extend the trip for a little bit of sightseeing and exploring. I decided to rent an Airbnb - which resulted in me sleeping in an "enclosed porch" that looked over the streets of Boston and was decorated with magical fairy lights. There was a mattress on the floor and a dog named Picasso that would wake me with a wagging tail and an expectant look on his face that his ears needed to be scratched. The place was down the street from an impressive array of quaint coffee shops (which of course, is what sold me on my Airbnb search - that and the picture of Picasso in the listing) and to top it off; a bike rental shop down the street so I could easily cruise around the city. 

I spent some time on a bus and boat tour learning about The Freedom Trail and the rich history of the city, laid in the grass of the Public Garden reading my book, checked out the Curious George store, book stores and coffee shops in Harvard Square, got a massive cup of ice cream topped off with a warm cookie from a food truck called, "The Cookie Monstah" (how could I not..?), sipped wine outside of Faneuil Hall watching street performers including my personal favourite - a child prodigy playing "Piano Man" on the Piano and stumbled across the most amazing and delicious sushi joint with live jazz music. 

It was without a doubt, one of my favourite solo weekend getaways, without even mentioning the best part. 

The trip was highlighted with a full day spent with my mentor/coach that was jam-packed with breakthrough business building tactics and personal development. This blog post would have come a bit sooner but I had to take a few days to really process the breakthroughs (and let the emotion subside) before I could really put into words what I wanted to say. At first, the thought of jumping on a plane and flying to another country to spend the day with a random man that I was told could bring myself, my business and my relationships to incredible new heights (that I had never met before in person) made both my family and I a bit nervous, but for some inexplicable reason, I was being drawn to work with him and I knew that whatever he was going to teach me would change my life both personally and professionally. (And holy hell, was I right.) I walked away with what felt like a hundred "a-ha!" moments and a new-found understanding of why I was holding myself back in certain areas of my life and some terrifying next steps and changes I had to commit to, in order to bring my life and business to the next level so I could fully serve my clients to the best of my ability.

You are probably wanting to know where on earth I came to learn of this magical man known as "Mr. Miyagi" to those that work with him. His real name is Dr. Kevin Pallis - you can learn more about him here: http://www.coachingforchiropractors.com/ and you will be interested to know that following his own successful career as a DC, he now guides other Chiropractors to revolutionary personal and practice accomplishment and growth. Why, you may inquire, did I choose to work with someone who focuses primarily on mentoring new Chiropractors? How would that help me, a life coach? Well, a friend of mine has been mentored, supported and inspired by this man for the past four years and has become some sort of a beacon of light in his life. When I graduated from my coaching program, I wanted to start working with someone outside of the coaching spectrum that I was associated with. Someone with a fresh set of ears and eyes could teach me new concepts and practices that would allow me to serve my clients on a more deeper and meaningful level. Though the majority of his work is with new DCs, he teaches universal principles that, if applied, would change anyone's relationships, business and day-to-day lives. I have this theory that it really doesn't matter exactly what product or service someone provides as a coach or mentor. If you are drawn to their energy and essence and they have the ability to inspire and motivate you, that's the one you should choose to work with. 

When I first reached out to him, I didn't know what to expect, but he greeted me on every call with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm that I had ever encountered, in my life. Whatever he had, I wanted it. So i signed up for his coaching program immediately. 

He encouraged me to come down to Boson where his office was to get a closer behind-the-scenes look at what running a successful coaching practice looked like, how I could improve upon my recently launched business and what I hadn't expected, a whole lot of crazy and terrifying personal development tactics. From the minute I met him, I immediately felt like I was in a safe, supported and judgement-free environment and he quickly became the biggest advocate of not only the work I do, but the person that I am. (the exact things you hope to find when you commit to working with a coach). What came as a surprise to me was just how much work I needed to do internally to really get myself, my relationships and my business to the next level. Within minutes, Dr. Kevin intuitively knew more about me than the majority of the people in my life, removed blocks I wasn’t even aware that I had, altered my mindset and somehow provided the answers I needed to know before I even asked the questions. He had a unique and powerful gift that allowed me to release unwanted energy from my past that led to current limiting beliefs that were holding me back from showing up as the best version of myself in my relationships, in my business and on a day to day basis. 

I walked away with more hope, confidence and excitement in my capabilities on the impact I could make on others. I made massive breakthroughs, increased my understanding of what were (and how to overcome) the fears, blocks and limiting beliefs in people's lives, strengthened my communication skills and learned the practical tools and techniques to take my practice, potential and personal power to the next level.

Instead of going into every detail of the full day, I will include with you the top five takeaways I took from my life-changing day spent with Mr. Miyagi, and how you too, can apply them in order to live your fullest and most extraordinary life.

1. The Most Successful People Never Stop Learning

Coaching is all about discovering your vision and giving yourself the permission to start making it a reality. The most successful people realize that, regardless of the incredible heights that they've reached in their business or lives, by allowing themselves to be coachable they have an opportunity to bring their lives to the next level by learning from others new ideas and methods to tap into the unused potential they have within themselves. Coachable people realize the impact that an outside source could make on their lives, they take what they've learned in the past yet remain open minded to learning new practices and principles. They take advice, suggestions and knowledge from others and utilize it to grow themselves, and their attitude towards bettering themselves is a "whatever it takes" type of mentality.

Even if you don't have a coach or a mentor at the moment, you can listen to podcasts, read books and build relationships with and from the people you admire, and implement some of the strategies they share (if they are in alignment with your beliefs and values). 

2. To Live Life Fully, Clean Up Your Past

This one both surprised and challenged me big time. I had a number of things I had to do in order to release past grief, pain, guilt or shame from my life. (There's a bit of a list, so I am still working on it.) Anything that I had stored up guilt about from my past, I had to make amends and release it. Even if it meant having difficult conversations or making awkward apologies. He explained that we each have this finite amount of personal power available to us every day, and if we haven't released painful situations from the past, we are using up some of that personal power on negative and toxic thoughts which prevent us from focusing our energy on more uplifting and important tasks in our day to day lives. In the past week, I reached out to people that I hadn't spoken to in years to sincerely apologize for mistakes that I had made or people that I have hurt. I went to a convenience store that I had stolen candy from as a child and apologized and gave them money to be given to children that could not afford candy themselves. I bought my dad a bottle of vodka to make up for the times that I (as a wild child) used to take from his liquor cabinet for my friends and I and I refilled it with water. I released past feelings of hurt, betrayal and pain from relationships in my life and began to donate time and money to people in need because of things I could no longer make up for. It's a very powerful exercise. Some people will forgive you with open arms, and some people won't. You cannot control the response of the people you have hurt in the past or the people that have hurt you, but by you releasing the negative energy and feelings of guilt you have from your past, you open yourself up to utilizing more of your personal power on the things in life that are important.

3. If You Want To Live a Full Life, Be Willing To Do Things That Make You Uncomfortable

I have a fear of public speaking. That might come to a surprise to a lot of people that know me and know how much I like to talk. I learned new exercises and tactics to push myself out of my comfort zone so I can connect with, serve and reach more people. Though it includes a list of activities that terrify me, I committed to doing them because without stepping outside of my comfort zone and putting myself in uncomfortable situations, I can't grow or live up to my fullest capability. (Stay tuned to learn about some upcoming events!)

4. Don't Wait for Things to Be Perfect Before You Begin

Some people might tell you that I'm terrible with directions. I'm one of those, "wing it" type of people that get into my car and just start driving without mapping out where I am headed. I might eventually ask for directions or pull over to get out the ol' google maps, but I like to rely on my (lack-of) sense of direction to get me there. Plus I just like driving and exploring so if it takes longer than planned, I'm totally cool with that. The mistake that people make in their lives is similar to that of driving. While (if you prefer to save both gas money and time), I advise you to have the directions before you get into your car, it is the very opposite for when you begin down a new path or journey into the unknown. Whether it's launching a business, moving to a new city, writing a book or changing a career path, people wait until they are "ready" or for the perfect moment to allow themselves to begin. And guess what? There IS no perfect moment. You will NEVER feel ready for massive change. So people rarely make the leap. Within the three months since launching my business, I have already learned and applied so many new practices when working with my clients. And it will continue to evolve throughout the years over and over again, until I get it right. But the point? Just BEGIN and change things as you go. Your end goal will look very different in 5, 10 or 15 years than it does right now, but the sooner you start, the sooner you'll get there.

5. Do You Want to Be Great Now, Or 20 Years From Now?

When we started talking about certain principles and tactics to apply to my business, I said to my mentor, "I think that's a great idea, that'll be great to implement when I have a bit more experience". (My limiting beliefs and fears were flaring up in this particular area of growth.) So he asked me, "Do you want to be great now? Or 20 years for now?" What a simple yet profound question to ask yourself. So, I challenge all of you beautiful people reading this blog to ask yourself this simple question the next time you're invited to expand your horizon or implement new game-changing ideas in your life, career or business and you are tempted to wait until you have more experience and feel more ready to do so. Move forward every day with the idea that you ARE ready to be great right now and the only thing holding you back from doing so is yourself.