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Unexpressed Potential Turns into Pain

Do you ever get really amped up to start something new or to make positive change in your life, but as soon as the excitement hits, it's followed *very quickly* by a double-shot of self-doubt and insecurity?

You may have asked yourself:

  • Who am I to do this?
  • There's no way I'm actually going to follow through
  • I'm going to look like the biggest idiot
  • No one will take me seriously
  • What the f@#$ do I know?

And before you know it, you've given up on the idea of a brighter future more quickly than the moment you decided to go for it in the first place.

I have been there. (More times than I care to admit). 

But if you know in the depth of your soul that you were meant for a bigger, bolder and more extraordinary existence, then I implore you to heed this message. 

You know the frustration, the self-doubt, the resentment, the anger or any of the other negative emotions you might feel towards yourself? There's a reason for it - and even better, there's a way out. I want to share it through a remarkable, albeit rather short conversation that I had with an ever-inquisitive man at a coffee shop.

I was in the midst of creating some content for an upcoming event and a man reached over, tapped me on the shoulder and inquired, "Sorry to bother you - I couldn't help but notice your notes there, what's that you're working on?" 

I got into the goods. I told him about what I do. I told him that I help people improve the quality of their lives.

He looked down at my notes, then up again at me. He appeared to be deep in thought. "Well that sounds interesting - but why do you think people need to improve the quality of their lives? What If they seem perfectly content just doing what they are doing?"

I paused for a moment, realizing how rarely I voice the answer.

I looked back and told him something that someone once said to me. "I believe unexpressed potential turns to pain".

"Ah", he smiled. "I know that feeling all too well. Keep doing what you're doing."


Our conversation was brief, but it was impactful and a very powerful reminder. When I first started my business, I had all of those doubts you read above (and then some - you wouldn't BELIEVE how nasty my inner-critic could be. 

And what I learned was this: that any unexpressed potential will show up in your life as pain. 

  • Pain as a result that your relationships aren't as deep, intimate or connected as they could be.
  • Pain as a result of being stuck in a career or lifestyle that no longer excites you when you wake up in the morning.
  • And ultimately, pain as a result of you barely scratching the surface of what you are capable of doing. 

It doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you - au contraire!

It simply means it's time to express those incredible talents and capabilities that you've always known were inside of you. 

And the message that I want you to ponder today is this:

  • What if you already have everything you need inside of you to do whatever it is you wanted to do? (It just requires you getting out of your own way)
  • What would it feel like if you gave yourself permission to follow through? (It would hurt more if you didn't try at all.) 
  • What if, instead of looking like an idiot, not being taken seriously or doubting what you know - you put your best foot forward, you started sharing your unique gifts and talents with the world, AND you inspired people around you to start doing the same?

You can't even begin to comprehend the impact your actions today, will have on those around you, tomorrow.  

So go ahead.... keep pushing through. You're more ready than you think. 

Sarah xx