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I don't give a shit about the surface level symptom.

On a recent clarity call, a potential client asked me an interesting question.

She started by sharing, "I don't know if you work with people like me, Sarah. I don't think I fit in the typical "niche" you work with." 

I replied, "Try me."

She got into it - she shared, "I feel embarrassed and ashamed to even reach out to you, and I'm even more worried that you'll say no. I've tried other avenues of support. But nothing else has worked." She paused, then inhaled deeply. 

"I have an eating disorder." 

I loved her honesty, openness, and vulnerability. More than anything else, I loved her willingness to reach out even when she was nervous with how I'd respond.

That's where the breakthroughs begin. 

We all have problems, obstacles, challenges, insecurities, self-doubt and fears in our life. The difference between the people that become imprisoned by their own story and the people who experience real freedom is the fierce desire & willingness to make the change. 

And the truth is, I don't give a shit about the surface level symptoms. 

For real. 

While I have worked with women and men in leadership type positions, entrepreneurs, care-givers, corporate employees and many other people in between, I have also worked with women (and men) with eating disorders, sex/cyber sex addictions and substance abuse.

Regardless of the avenue in which your suffering expresses itself physically, it all boils down to one basic cause: a deeply-ingrained (and false) belief that you are not enough.

Not good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, self-disciplined enough, strong enough, (insert any other word you've ever told yourself here)... enough. And over time, each and every single one of us has resorted to a certain type of habit, belief, behaviour, activity or various other form of escapism to compensate for those beliefs. 

That's the shit I love. Helping people remove those false stories that have accumulated (like an onion) over time so you can start expressing the health, happiness and vitality that is your birthright. 

We don't deal with the surface level symptoms, we get to the root of the underlying cause of where those belief systems began and we remove them one by one. 

Watch the video I made for you, here.

That's where the freedom begins, friend. 

So, if you resonate with this message and video (or know of anyone else that might), I want to hear from you. I want to help remove the interferences that have prevented you from expressing your highest human potential. 

After all, it is your birthright.