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You weren't put here to suffer.

This blog post is coming a bit later than usual this week. You see, I am still resting and recharging after my trip to LA for the Indigo Experience. 

I am not only a massive supporter of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first, but I am also someone that desperately requires some alone time to feel refuelled and energized after a busy (albeit, incredible) few days on the road.

After the event, I soaked up as much time as possible with some loved ones that I get to see once a year and took a late night flight back home. 

I attempted to sleep, but a thought kept popping into mind and I quickly realized it needed to be the next topic on the Vlog this week.

After spending a couple of days witnessing women from various stages of their lives and businesses decidedly step into their power towards creating a life on their terms (regardless of the fears that pop up along the way) - I was inspired. (How could you not be?)

It got me thinking about just how many people are waking up to lives that don't bring them joy.  

And in my short time in this industry, it has become increasingly apparent just how big that number is. 

So I created a different kind of video for you this week, here (if you click the link you will see why!) and please disregard that the first 50% of the video is in black - it's to protect confidentiality of someone incredibly special. 

And if you feel that you've been putting your happiness on hold for far too long, I want you to know - many women find themselves in similar circumstances.

What I want you to take away from this week's message is that you are not alone. After all, we are actually in a society that not only encourages it, but conditions it.

Have you ever felt a deeply ingrained belief that you are supposed to be super human, have no needs, no feelings and should literally be in charge of meeting everyone else's needs prior to your own?

I know what you mean. I also know that it led to severe anxiety, burn-out and shaking, sobbing and vomiting uncontrollably on the floor of a yoga studio change room.

But allow me to let you in on something I've only recently realized - since diving deep into the world of life coaching. And that is that each time you compromise your integrity, let someone walk all over you, see to someone else's needs and abandon your own, you plunge into a sea of doubt, anxiety, lack of clarity as well as physical and emotional suffering. You lose your way.

And, regardless of how strongly you believe you are being "selfless" - you have a limit of the suffering you can endure. You were not put on this earth to see how much suffering you can handle, but rather - you were put on this earth to enjoy all of the incredible things it has to offer.

Watch the video, here.

Use your precious life to do the things that make you happy. After all, you've only got one of them.