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Christmas on the Reservation - You're Invited!

Today's topic is a bit different than usual, friends!

My message is pertaining to a very special initiative that I am involved in and today, I'm asking for your help.

For those of you know me personally or are some of the incredible friends, family members or clients that have joined me on the journey, then you know it's time for our annual "Love Has No Color" Christmas on the Reservation trip down to the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar, Montana.

Some have asked, why this initiative? Why the Fort Peck Reservation in Montana? What does it have to do with me? To be mindful of your time and to keep this email short, please feel free to read about the incredible story, here, and watch the full video here:

SPOILER ALERT: This is me getting way too excited talking about the elf hats we wear when we deliver the gifts to the children. Watch the full video below:

Twice a year, a group of health and wellness practitioners and I travel in from all across North America to dedicate a few days of service to the people of the Fort Peck Reservation in Poplar Montana; once during the summer for "Boot Camp & Fun Day" and once in December for "Christmas on the Rez", and we want to extend the invite to anyone and everyone else who would like to join us.

It may come as a surprise to some, but children are living in third world conditions and poverty right here in North America. Hideous living statistics on Native American Reservations include crime, drugs, alcohol, child abuse, teen pregnancy, domestic violence, poverty, disease, unemployment, and undernourishment that we would expect in turbulent places around the globe like Zimbabwe, Somalia, Gambia, etc.

Our goal is to bring love, hope, kindness and compassion to children and their families who truly need it most, in whatever way we can provide it. 

During our trip last year, a team of chiropractors adjusted over 1,000 children, adults and even inmates. An office with one of the finest Naturopaths in all of Canada was on site providing treatments and I had the extreme honour and privilege to work with various students in the schools and inmates in a coaching capacity. One of the highlights was receiving the incredible opportunity to provide a gift to each child and to witness the looks of excitement and joy when they get to open what could be the only gift they receive during the holiday season. 

So what I am asking of you this week, is this: if you've been looking for an incredible opportunity to give back during the Holiday session, if you've been feeling called to be of service to humanity or feeling drawn to be part of something greater than yourself, then help support the cause by making a donation, here or even better, join our ever-growing group for Christmas on the Reservation which takes place this year on December 14th - 15th.