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Tired of letting the opinion's of others affect you?

This week, I want to talk about an important topic that's crucial for everyone to hear who plan to do big and meaningful things with their life. 

And I know that's you - or you wouldn't be here reading this blog post.

So I want to pose the question, have you ever experienced any of the following?

- You wanted to shift career paths, but a friend, family or partner told you to reconsider, it wouldn't be financially responsible, or you'll never succeed. 

- You wanted to launch your own business, write a book or share a passion-project with the world, but a well-intentioned loved-one told you it may not be the best time, you're way too busy, it won't work or (my personal favourite I've heard) it will prevent you from fulfilling your commitments at home.

- You might be on a non-traditional or contrarian path in your life, and someone you haven't spoken to in years (or even a complete stranger) reaches out to provide their feedback, offer some constructive criticism or give you their unsolicited advice.

Let me tell you, friend - I've heard it all. And if I listened to all of the people trying to tell me how to live my life, their way - I wouldn't have any time to do all of the important and meaningful things in my life that I need to do. 

Because we barely have time to do everything we want to do with our lives - we sure as hell don't have the capacity to do everything that others want us to do, as well.

Simply put, if you have a big vision for your life, you don't have the luxury to listen to the feedback or opinions from other people. That is, of course, unless you ask them. 

But for those of you who are ready to stop letting the opinions of others prevent you from doing the important work you were meant to do in the world, then Watch the video here

And, if you resonate with this message (or know of anyone else that might), I want to hear from you. Because if there's one thing I've learned in my short career of helping others overcome those pesky fears of judgment from others, it's that we often can't do it alone. 

So, stay the course, stay in your own lane, and continue creating the life you've always wanted.

You deserve it.