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It's Time to Step Up

I am on the road for a few weeks fully immersed in high-level training from my own coach so I can continue to be operating at my highest level for the incredible human beings I get to work with. (Also getting in the zone and preparing for some upcoming, private 1:1 off-site Soul Sessions with my clients whose crazy-inspiring levels of commitment won't let even distance prevent them from reaching never-before levels of personal power.)

And while I am traveling, something big came up for me following a conference the other day that I felt drawn to share with all of you. 

I was sitting in a room with world-class chiropractors, naturopaths, coaches and other health & wellness practitioners. We were discussing that - while we all have different avenues of serving others - our mission in life is the same: to help our clients/patients and humanity get clear, reconnected, and realigned with their true innate potential, so they can start living extraordinary lives.

And it dawned on me, sometimes when you are doing the hard, high-level and intense inner-work required to break through your comfort zone - it can be extremely uncomfortable. It can be challenging. It can be emotional. It can be painful.  

So why would anyone want to leave the safety and security of their comfort zone? The zone of mediocrity that the majority of us have been born into? Especially if it does feel uncomfortable, challenging, emotional and painful.

And my answer, would be was this: You were not born to be mediocre. To live a complacent life. To spend your entire life doing what you "should" do vs. doing the scary and uncomfortable things you avoid but may lead to a rewarding, fulfilling and extraordinary life.

Even more, I want you to know that suffering (stress, anxiety, boredom, complacency, jealousy, anger, regret, inner turmoil) occurs because we are barely scratching the surface of our innate human potential. 

We know we are meant for bigger, bolder and braver things in the world. So what's holding us back?

I want to give you something to ask yourself this week:

In what are of your life could you be stepping UP? 

- Could you be more loving and compassionate to your partner, co-workers, parents, siblings or children?

- Could you reach new peak levels of your health and wellness, by nourishing your body with only what truly nourishes you?

- Do you spend most of your days coasting, showing up late for work, going home early, scrolling through Facebook when your boss isn't around and not speaking up when you know you have an important voice and idea to share? 

- Perhaps there's a business, project or burning idea you've had in the back of your mind but fears having been holding you back. Perhaps THIS is the week where you start giving yourself permission to make your big dreams happen.

- On the flip side, you may already have a business, project or side hustle but you feel as though you're not giving it the attention it needs to really shine. What more can you do to share your unique message with the world?

Regardless off the area in your life, It's time to start stepping up and shining (even more than you already do). Your future self will thank you for it. 

And if you are ready to make the commitment to living a bigger, bolder and braver life (and are looking for someone to help ensure that you do) - reach out to book your free 30 minute consultation - I would love (and be honoured) to help guide you through those massive blocks and limitations that have been holding you back from living your best life.