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7 Tactics to Ensure 2018 Gets Your Best Performance, Ever

If you're anything like me, this time of the year gets you amped up to spend some time reviewing your big wins from the year before and how you can improve for the year ahead.

I know, I know - this time of year can also be a bit overkill. If you've read any of my previous blog posts, you'd know I don't think you should wait for January 1st to make positive change in your life. However, I geek out at any opportunity to spend more time learning how I can elevate my potential in both my personal and my professional life, so this time of the year always gets me going.

If you follow me over on Instagram or Facebook, you'd know I've been boppin' around the beautiful country of Norway and am making my way into Oslo this afternoon. I'll be spending the next few days completely unplugged and doing some high-level and intensive one on one work with clients from this beautiful side of the world. As one of my clients so accurately described it - "excitement level to the roof". <3

And while I'm here, I've set aside some time to soak up and explore my beautiful surroundings and the incredible culture between work and soul sessions. (I believe travel and adventure inspires creativity and fuels the soul.)

So instead of recording this week's vlog from the usual spot in my kitchen, I decided to get creative and combine the tactics I wanted to share with a little tour of the beautiful town of Tønsberg! (In addition to my living room since my phone died halfway through..) 

SO, here she is! My first vlog of 2018 that's jam packed with tons of goodness that I hope will help you elevate your performance in whatever direction you're headed, in 2018. 

In this video, I dive into the following:

  • The importance of getting *clear* on your goals for the year ahead (don't just limit this to your career and fitness - dive into your relationships, spirituality, emotional endurance, impact and contribution, and everything else in between.)

  • Being mindful of the input of energy you accept in your life - it's time to evaluate the people, habits and activities that are draining your energy instead of giving you life.

  • Why you should do less and not more this year.

  • How to create what I like to call a bullet-proof bubble of positivity.

  • Why getting started > being perfect.

  • How to become comfortable in the uncomfortable.

And potentially some other tactics since I lost count along the way... 

Watch the video HERE

Screenshot 2018-01-04 05.34.02.png

I hope it helps you dive into 2018 as the powerful and relentless force that you are, at your core.

And if you enjoyed the video, please share! I'd be eternally grateful if you spread the message to 2 or 3 others in your social circle, in hopes that we can inspire others to start living with more power and purpose in 2018.

And if you are looking for someone to help you draw out that incredible and extraordinary untapped human capacity inside of you while holding you accountable to achieve the things you want to achieve for the year ahead, I would love to hear from you. Book your free 30-minute clarity call to see if we would be a great fit. 

I hope you make this the greatest year of your existence.