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Do you ever get frustrated, disappointed and overwhelmed with everything that you *haven't* accomplished? If so, read this.

The message this week is going to be short and sweet - simply because I am about to go take my own advice and get out in nature, turn my phone off and spend some quality time with my pup, with a commitment to think *less* about everything I haven't accomplished and *more* about how far I've actually come. 

This is a topic that's been coming up big for me for over a month now. I've been on the road for 5 weeks (still not yet home) and with traveling, you can get out of routine, lose some hours, gain some hours, feel a little "off" and in that space, you're much more susceptible to self-critisim. So even though the Universe has been giving me sign after sign to be a little more loving, compassionate and kind to myself - I've ignored it.

Why, you ask? Oh I'll tell you - and it's a bullshit excuse if I've ever heard one. You see, friend, I consider myself to be a high-achieving, go-getting, so many exciting things to do in the world and not enough time to do them all - type of person. (I sometimes like to think of myself as a dog chasing cars. There are so MANY OF THEM AND NOT ENOUGH TIME TO CHASE THEM ALL - so instead of picking one, I can get caught up with *all* of the exciting plans, projects and ideas I want to share with the world, get disappointed that I can't do them all, like, immediately - and then downward spiral into periods of disappointment, overwhelm and frustration that I haven't achieved everything that I want to do.

So earlier today, I was on the way to meet a friend for lunch and noticed my thoughts start to take a turn towards ALL of the exciting things I want to do in the near future - as mentioned above, like, yesterday - quickly followed by the oh-so-familiar (and far more destructive) turn for the worse.

I stopped my thoughts dead in their tracks and said out loud, "holy hell woman, give yourself a break - you've already come so far". (Yes, I talk to myself... quite frequently.)

In typical - high-achieving, perfectionist, a million ideas and not enough time to execute them all - Sarah fashion, I have this tendency of focusing *less* on all of the things I've accomplished, the opportunities I've been given, and the person I'm becoming and *more* on all of the thoughts, ideas and projects (on my many to-do lists, scattered around my house) that I haven't made happen, as of yet.

So for you high-achieving, driven, ambitious, unstoppable, a million miles an hour but often forget to take a breather to celebrate all of the incredible things you have already done in your short time on this planet - women out there...

Yes. I'm talking directly to you.

I'd like you to stop. 



Go get a massage. Have a cup of coffee with a friend. Have a cup of coffee by yourself. Take your dog for a walk in nature *without* looking at your phone. Give yourself some credit (and maybe an air high-five) for all of the bold, brave and extraordinary things you've already done in your short time on this planet - and remind yourself that you're pretty freaking incredible, in this exact moment. 

So this week, I want to start the conversation. And I am REALLY going to push you on this one - since I am all about accountability. Shoot me an email at sarah@sarahlajeunesse.com and answer a couple of questions for me:

1.) What did you do in the last year that even a couple years before, you never would have had the courage to do?


2.) How are going to take care of YOU today, tomorrow or sometimes this week? (Yes, it has to be within the next 7 days.) What will you do to celebrate all of the incredible things you've done in the world and the freaking extraordinary individual that you are, in this very moment?

With love, gratitude and a whole shit load of appreciation for being here, reading this and committing to going out and loving yourself just a little bit extra, today - we all need the reminder. 

Sarah xx