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Your words create your reality.

Over this past weekend, I attended a live two-day seminar with the transformational leader, Niurka - where we spent a jam-packed 24 hours on the importance of communication and how - in order to create our desired external environment - we must take responsibility for how we are communicating with ourselves, with others and with the Universe. (Picture jumping up and down, experiencing breakthroughs and dancing with complete strangers - my kind of weekend.)

I experienced a number of a-ha moments but the one I wanted to share was the importance of becoming aware of just how limiting our communication can be. 

We were asked the question, "With the amount of words that exist in the english language, how many possibilities could come out of your mouth at any given moment?"

The answer is: infinite possibilities.

There's an infinite amount of possibilities that can be expressed through the words you use in any given moment.

So, with the infinite possibilities with which we can communicate, why - for the most part - do we end up choosing such negative, limiting and condescending patterns of communication towards ourselves and others?

For example, have you ever caught yourself saying any of the following: (whether in your head or out loud)

- I can't afford this. 

- I could never make that happen. 

- I don't have it in me to do that. 

- I'm so lazy and unmotivated.

- I'm so fat.

- This will never work. 

- I can't catch a break. 

- It's only a matter of time before I fuck this up. (Career, business, relationships, anything great in your life)

Not only have you likely said a version of most of the above, but you likely can't even imagine how often those thoughts go through your mind unconsciously. (I certainly didn't, until it was pointed out to me this weekend.)

We learned just how powerful our words can be and a sentence that was spoken that kept repeating itself over and over in my mind was,

Your questions are the answers. 

So moving forward, bring awareness to how you are communicating with yourself, with others and with the Universe, and instead of saying,

"I can't afford this."

You might ask yourself,

"What do I need to do in order to make this incredible experience, opportunity, or dream of mine happen?"

Instead of saying,

"Why can't anything good ever happen to me?"

You might ask yourself,

"How can I become even more aware of the limitless opportunities and abundance that surround me in any given moment?"

Instead of saying, 

"Why do I always feel so exhausted, tired and unmotivated when I wake up in the morning?"

You might ask yourself,

"How can I wake up with even more energy, vitality and enthusiasm than I already do, when my two feet hit the floor in the morning?"

Instead of saying,

"Why do I keep attracting such toxic relationships into my life?"

You might ask yourself,

"How can I attract even more compassionate, loving and like-minded people into my life?" 

and instead of saying, 

"Why can't I seem to lose the weight?"

You might ask yourself,

"What can do I do love, nourish and care for my body, even more than I already do?"

See how powerful it is to simply shift the way you are asking the question? 

Because the truth is: The Universe doesn't negate. It wants to give us what we ask for, but if we are so focused on lack, scarcity, "can't afford", too fat, too lazy, too unmotivated, too exhausted and on trying to be rid of our toxic relationships, thoughts and circumstances - guess what we are attracting?

Which is why it's so crucial become aware of how we communicate towards ourselves and others.

So, how have you been communicating in a way that may be limiting the abundance that is always present around you?

Even more, which questions can you ask that will attract your desired state? 

Hit me up if you'd like to share! I love hearing from each and every one of you!

With love and gratitude,

Sarah xx