• Are you spending all of your time putting out fires in your business?

  • Are you burnt our or discouraged?

  • Are turnover training and costs holding back growth? 

  • Do you spend more time micro-managing and doing the work of the employee, rather than being the leader that you need to be?


I work with leaders and organizations that know at their core, just because high-stress, low morale and a disengaged work force is often the corporate culture norm, so much more is possible.

You may have already tried implementing a number of team bonding and morale boosting initiatives but find your business is no better or stronger for it. You're tired of feeling frustrated quarter after quarter and even more tired of the “quick-fix” solutions that rarely seem to get you any further ahead.

In order for your organization to continue to hit targets, to avoid losing the competitive share that it's earned and in order for both you and your organization to operate at its maximum capability, something needs to change. 

You and I both know, Nothing can change until the culture changes.

And in order to achieve the results you've always wanted, you must be willing to do things that others in your profession/industry can't or won't do. 

My mission is simple: To help you lead change in your company's culture.

The Reality:

Every single employee of yours has fears, inadequacies and self-doubt that prevent them from expressing their fullest potential in their personal and professional lives. We often assume that many employees see their job as just a paycheque, that they come to work everyday just to clock in and clock out, waiting until their shift is over so they can get home as soon as possible. This couldn't be further from the truth. Humans have an innate desire to do good, contribute in a positive way and feel that their life has meaning, value and purpose. Even more importantly, they have an innate desire to belong to the right community.

My corporate coaching programs offer a unique, customized and results-oriented solution to your work-place stresses, struggles and challenges that you face on a daily basis. Once implemented, your organization will never be the same. In order to shift the culture, we'll be installing new systems and techniques that energize, challenge, develop and equip your employees to help make the vision of your business a reality and to create the lasting change that you desire. You'll be able to shift your energy and focus on the things that matter, while you and your business will finally be able operate proactively, rather than reactively. 

Here's what I want for you:

  • A  company culture that fosters employee growth and success
  • A team of raving, loyal and engaged employees operating at their maximum human capacity
  • A motivated, inspired and empowered management team to free you from spending your time micro-managing
  • Reduced turnover and dollars spent on training costs associated
  • Tools and systems to increase productivity and improve your health and mindset
  • Systems put in place to ensure that your business runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently so you can focus on forward thinking strategy and implementation
  • Reduced stress, anxiety and burn-out while reigniting your joy, passion and excitement for life

 You will be part of the process every step of the way and will be receiving ongoing progress reports. We will monitor the statistics to be certain of progress, modifying the structure of the program to ensure that we eliminate what doesn’t serve you, your employees or your organization while putting systems in place to ensure your organizations runs smoothly, effectively and efficiently whether you are there or not. 


I care strongly for my clients and am fiercely committed to helping you lead change in your company's culture. This isn't a one size fits all approach and I only consider my work to be a success when you see transformation in your organization based on agreed upon objectives and measurements. Should you wish to move forward in a corporate coaching capacity, it is important that I have objective measurements so that we can monitor, track and ensure we are achieving the results you are looking for. I stand behind my work and your time is sacred to me. I don't meet my clients expectations, I exceed them. And I will exceed yours. 

My promise to you is that if these statistics aren’t improving or are not in the process of improving by a mutually agreed upon date, I will remove myself from a corporate coaching role and will refund the the remainder of our contracted coaching fees, no questions asked. 

If you are interested in learning how I can help you lead change in your company's culture,

book your free 30-minute consultation, today.

About Sarah Lajeunesse

Sarah Lajeunesse is an internationally certified and award-winning coach who helps individuals from all over the world elevate their potential in both their personal and professional lives. Through both her individual and corporate coaching programs, speaking, hosting events and sharing free resources at sarahlajeunesse.com, Sarah teaches a radically different approach to discovering and expressing our untapped human capacity in leadership and life.