Rebellion at its stripped back core has a young, adolescent quality to it; it's the spring which is needed to gather energy and create change in beliefs, behaviours and systems that are worn out, non-serving and oppressive.

This adolescent-like energy is of course just one phase on the continuum of transformation; a phase that we can choose to activate and weave throughout our lives in creative desire. It’s a critical, life-giving phase – one which helps us to individuate as the human beings we are here on earth –  but in so many of us, this inner rebel is fast asleep.

It’s time to stir her awake.







This program offers a safe space where like-minded, ambitious, vision-driven women have a place of encouragement, excitement and support over the traditional competition over community mindset we experience. 

What to expect:

Waking Virago is a 3 month journey – a collaborative mentoring program – with a very clear goal: to shift the way we - as female leaders - think, grow and show up in the world.

This is a safe, supportive, judgement-free space that provides you a platform to connect with other like-minded women who want to rise as leaders in their business, their organization, their company and in their daily lives. 

Through 1:1 coaching, group calls, accountability groups, guest teachers you will be encouraged to step into the leadership position you've always wanted to step into.

How does Waking Virago benefit you?

We live in a world where many people believe we are in a "post-feminist" society - which couldn't be further from the truth. After hosting events, 1:1 private intensives and working with clients in multiple countries on multiple continents, I have found that women are still forced to give away their power. In the workplace, in their relationship, as their career and this is an opportunity for you to step into a more confident, empowered and clear and influential direction than ever before.

If the world had more female leaders, scientific-based research concludes that:

- This happens

- This happens

- This happens

Here's what's were looking at:

8 Pillars of the fierce feminine leader. You’ll receive bi-weekly expert interviews from women within this area. We will connect 1:1 once a month and within the group twice a month to discuss the areas, answer your burning questions and commit and hold each other accountable to making the change you desire to make in your life. We’ll be rooting your wildest nature on, and holding you to your highest self. 

8 Expert Interviews

2 Group calls and 2 sister circle calls

Wild Sister Circles - connection. Sisterhood. Accountability. Trust. Support. Empowerment.

Facebook Group

Weekly worksheets


Month 1: Changing the Narrative

Week 1: Journey into the unknown. Why are you here? What are your intentions. What do you want to achieve? Outlining the five areas you are committed to elevating in your life. 

Week 2: Expert Interview - Madison Hedlund: Worthiness and authenticity. Loving yourself through all of the emotions. Giving yourself permission to be 100% human. Feeling worthy and deserving of the life you want. 

Week 3: Reprogramming outdated beliefs. Understanding why you have the beliefs, behaviours and habits that you do. Learn to love what you can't change and change what you don't love. What outdated stories are you committed to no longer believing? 

Week 4: Expert Interview: Courage, Resilience and the Imposter Complex with Tanya Giesler:  

Month 2: Lifestyle Design + Living on Purpose

Week 5: Evaluating the 8 pillars of success. Where you are currently, where you want to go, and what's been preventing you from getting there. Pillars include: Health/wellness, family/friends, romance/intimacy, finances/career, impact/contribution, environment, spirituality/connection, creativity/flow, fun/adventure.

Week 6: Expert Interview: Creation and Flow. Creating with clarity, intuition and ease. Understanding and aligning our work, play, hustle and relaxation with the seasons of our cycle with Sammie Flemming

Week 7: Total Lifestyle alignment. What energies are no longer serving you. Removing the energies that suck the life force out of you to make more space for what serves and uplifts you. Opening the vessel for abundance. Boundaries. Protecting your time, space and personal power.

Week 8: Expert Interview: Sisterhood, support & Community over Competition with Nisha Moodley. 

Self-Care, Sustainability and the Importance of Female Leadership with Sarah Kaler

Worthiness, Authenticity + Radical Responsibility with Madison Hedlund

Strengths and shadows of Leadership Archetypes with Emily Cassel

Rest, Play + Adventure for Emotional Well-Being with Louise Gates

Month 3: Reconnecting with the Wild Woman 

Week 10: Expert Interview - Developing and trusting your intuition with Aimee Eoff 


Virago Rising is for you, if:

  • You can easily identify areas in your life that require both rebellion and light
  • You want to actively participate in a movement, in a community that learns, grows, expands and embodies alongside one another
  • You’re not afraid to look closely at what’s not working, in order to transform it
  • You’re willing to participate with the group and communicate with your allocated Inner Circle, despite whether you identify as an introvert or extrovert (on that note, you’re interested in transcending such labels ;)
  • You get goosebumps when you’re jamming with visionary, lit up humans
  • Self-responsibility is your M.O (you’re so done with blame and you outgrew victimhood eons ago)
  • You ache to live a life of devotion, but without the dogma that’s often attached to it
  • You sense that superhuman living requires superhuman optimism, and you’re looking for others that sense the same, because communities generate momentum and magic.

Virago Rising may not be right for you, if:

  • You prefer to passively consume content, rather than engage with it. Flipping open your laptop to watch a recording of a group training, while munching on your dinner, toggling between screens and then taking zero action is simply not going to fly around here. No change is created this way, and this will only add to the consumption load in your life right now. Participation is not only necessary, and required, it’s absolutely vital for this to be a worthwhile use of your time. Please resist joining if you’re simply looking to be ‘inspired’ rather than activated.
  • You cannot gift yourself the time and space that will be required for you to successfully complete the program. (2-3 hours a week, perhaps a little more in October and November) Please remember that this is an 11-month program. (Wow, right? The miracles that we’ll see unravel in that time will be monumental!) If you can’t realistically commit to this, consider joining us for the next round in 2019, instead.
  • You are not willing to participate with the group’s discussion, or your Inner Circle. During this program, our quest is to explore the magic that becomes available when rebels learn how to organise themselves into communities and take action, together. Remember, the days of the Lone Wolf? Yesterday.

Virago Rising Mentorship



OR 3 monthly payments of $347*

OR 6 monthly payments of $187*


A community of lightworkers; a safe space that celebrates individuation and connection; giving you wriggle room to explore the YOU that is becoming.

Life-long friendships. Expand into the inspiration that’s inherent in the Rebels of Light brains trust.

Guidance on how to offer your Soul a megaphone. Become less impressionable by cultivating compassionate discernment and following the only wisdom that matters; your own.

An invitation to cultivate courage by teasing out the fears, wounds and judgements that have been stifling your light, alongside hundreds of others. (Reminder: you are NOT alone)

Greater consciousness, as you deepen your relationship with yourself, the earth, your desires and your community at large, through stillness practices.

The true power of collaboration, during a time when the word ‘leadership’ is being completely redefined...


Those who are ready to transform their lives and as a result, the world they live in.

Those who know that rightful rebellion brings us alive and catapults us into meaningful community action.

Those ready for evolving conversations that span spiritual practice, feminine leadership, the creative process, divine self-responsibility, conscious relationships, courageous communication, and so much more.


I recognise that the personal is political and the political is personal. Whatever I do to grow my community, is also going to grow me.

I am not just a child of the world, but a parent to it. Whatever the world is going to turn out to be, I need to participate in it.

I need to fulfil my potential. It is my Soul’s desire. The way I do that is by serving my community.

What happens to one, happens to all.

I am a citizen of the world. Over these next 11 months, I am learning what it means to be that.



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The Rebellion begins: Wednesday, January 24

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