My coaching methods are certainly not for everyone, but they are for the people who have the desire, willingness and commitment to make powerful and lasting change in their life.  


And that's what I'm here for: To help you move from wherever you are to wherever you want to go (and remind you of your innate capabilities on the days when you forget them). 


Because I believe happiness, joy, abundance and a deep sense of inner peace is our birthright. 

My mission is to help you create a world where you can live, love and lead from your highest self. 


  • Discovered more clarity, direction and confidence on their mission in the world.
  • Took their career, business and abundance to the next level while finding more time for self-care, freedom and connection with loved ones.
  • Eliminated toxic, negative and self-destructive habits and tendencies from their lives. 
  • Replaced anxiety, burnout, depression and overwhelm for a deeper sense of calm and inner peace.
  • Developed deeper and more meaningful relationships with family members, spouses, children and most importantly - themselves.
  • And above all else, began feeling worthy, deserving and capable of creating the life they feel called to create... (while subsequently creating it).

How can you explain the inexplainable?

I’m sitting here crying as I write this as I literally am not the same person I am as when I started working with Sarah a year ago. I could write a chapter book about how Sarah has changed my life. My life has turned a complete 180 and I can’t thank her enough for what she has done for me, my family, all my relationships and the business I’ve created as a result of working with her.

Without Sarah’s support, I would not be where I am today. She has the unique capability to see people for who they truly are, remind them of that by helping them tap back into their uniqueness, and help them cultivate that all the while meeting them where they’re at currently. THIS.IS.HER.GIFT. She’s both strong and soft as she know’s when I need to be called out on my BS and also when I need some good old TLC. Her ability to see me for who I am at my core, what my unique talents and skills are, and to shine a light on that and cultivate that in me is the reason I am where I am today in my business, relationships with my kids, husband, family and most importantly my relationship with myself.

Before working with Sarah, I lived in a small town with my husband 2 year old son and was pregnant without a job/business and was a stay-at-home mom and was basically living in survival mode. I felt like I was constantly taking care of everyone else and putting my needs on the backburner, specifically when it came to supporting my husband and his dream career. Even though I taught yoga and was working on getting my Life Coaching Certification and working on building that business I constantly beat myself up for not being further in my career or life in general. As my husband was the sole income provider and I saw no end in sight as to how I was going to create the business and life I truly wanted and knew deep at my core I was capable of creating. This was because I was running on E all the time from taking care of everyone else before me. I didn’t even have the awareness around this as in my mind I just thought I was supposed to “suck it up”, endure the feelings of exhaustion, overwhelm and stress consistently. That I was weak if I asked for support or hired help to give me some relief. Sarah single handedly pulled me out of this dark “well” if you will. She threw me a lifeline or a bucket into the dark well of pain and suffering I felt on a daily basis and I grabbed on for dear life! I also didn’t know the logistics as to how nor did I have the confidence that I actually had the ability to help serve others as a life coach and own my own business. Sarah took me from that place to a place of confidence, clarity and certainty. She reminded me, that I’m not here to endure pain and suffering but that I’m here to receive support and that I also deserve to live out my own dreams and here’s the kicker...not to feel guilty for this!!! hallelujah!!! This has been the key for me.

I no longer buy into the story that I should postpone my dreams and feel guilty creating a career and ultimately the life of my dreams all the while raising two little ones, maintaining a household, taking care of three fur babies, supporting my husband and his dream career (as he is absent a lot due to traveling for his work) and living far far away from any family or support system. How she has done this is beyond me. I can only hope that I have the ability to do the same for women as this gift and opportunity is absolutely PRICELESS!

As for the other areas of my life...

Relationships- I’m not as reactionary, super focused and purposeful in my communication with both my husband and my kids. I’m able to communicate what it is I actually need at an emotional, physical and spiritual level and then receive that support without feeling guilty and shameful around asking for what is I need. I’ve found my husband is more attracted to me not just on a physical level but an energetic level. He’s said he notices my confidence and ability to make decisions easily and ask for what it is I need and be unapologetic about it. I’ve had other moms at my sons pre-school come up to me and ask “How in the world and why are you so lighthearted, happy and together, when your husband is gone so much and you’re running a business”. I smile as it’s because of Sarah’s support and mentorship. I also smile because it hasn’t been easy and I’ve gotten really uncomfortable and pushed myself passed what were my limits, but I will say this process of working with her has been life-changing and I would do it all over again.

As a mother I no longer hide and cry in the bathroom to get away from my children like I used to because I’m now able to as for what it is I need. When I feel overwhelmed, stuck, and like I need a break I’m now able to either ask for support, a break and/or hire help and not feel guilty about receiving support. I no longer yell at my children!!! And if I do, I don’t beat myself up anymore because she reminds me that this is a huge sign that I need to take time to prioritize my own needs first and she’s shown me the way out of feeling guilty around having those needs met.

Business - I feel like Sarah has handed me a business, even though she’ll tell you that’s not what she did. As a business owner I’m now super clear on who I want to be as the CEO , who I am as a person, a leader, and who and what I stand for. I’m clear on my gifts, talents and unique skills within my own business and she has helped me hone those skills and my craft. She’s also given me the ability as a coach to bring unique strategies and tactics to my clients that no other coach or mentor in the past has been able to share with me. She’s guided me to define my own core values as a business owner and one of the biggest things she’s given me as a business owner is to lead myself first and foremost and have impeccable integrity. She’s able to do that because she walks her talk and leads from a place of ultimate integrity herself.

As for the Soul Sessions (see I told you I could write a chapter book), I’ve had multiple sessions with Sarah and after each one I am a changed person. When I went to beautiful Banff the experience was just what I needed. I had been pregnant, breastfeeding, or mothering for the last three years and it was the break my body, mind and spirit needed. We worked on personal development as she helped me poke holes in every single story, and stressor that had been holding me back in both my personal and professional life. I was able to enjoy multiple quiet, relaxing meals by myself which for a mother is a treat in and of itself. To make things better she treated me at a spa where I was able to take some much needed time for my self-care. Sarah helped me figure out the logistics that were holding me back in my business and especially in the launch of my website. She literally didn’t let me leave Banff without hitting launch on the website and I know that had she not pushed me to do this, it still wouldn’t be launched!

Like I said, I could write a book about all the ways Sarah has helped me go from stuck in survival mode, lacking clarity, confidence in myself as a mother, wife, and a business owner to feeling a deep sense of inner peace, connected and confident. I know, love, and own who I am as a human being because of her and for that I am forever grateful to Sarah!
— Lindsey M.

My whole life has been spent as an over-achiever and chronic people-pleaser. What no one tells you about people like me is that eventually, like most things in life, you can only handle so much. As an employee, business owner, daughter, fiancé, sister, granddaughter, the role of pleasing people began to wear on me. Anxiety and depression were at an all-time high in my life as others watched me continue to achieve success and display my “perfect’ life. On a trip to Hawaii in October 2017, a time where I should be relaxing and enjoying myself, the worst mental breakdown of all set in. I couldn’t live like this anymore.

Working 80 hours every week on-top of managing my relationships had finally become too much. I sat in a parking lot in Kailua bawling my eyes out while my friends were inside the neighbouring bar having the time of their lives. What was I going to do? Well, the universe had a plan for me and I didn’t even know it. The next day, while aimlessly scrolling on social media, I began to read a blog post from a friend. She spoke to leaving her dream job and getting her shit together. She then mentioned how amazing her coach was in helping her through this. Without any hesitation, I headed to Sarah’s website and knew this was the person for me. I reached out to Sarah that day and haven’t looked back since.

Sarah has been there for me and has genuinely helped me work through some of the biggest and darkest obstacles in my life. Within a day of working together in our Soul Session, I was forever changed. Having Sarah in my life has provided support when I need it and has given me the person I needed to take the leaps I was afraid to. She has helped me shut out my self-doubt, and yes, you guessed it. She has helped me get my shit together. My business is better than ever, I’ve fired the clients who caused me stress and I’ve eliminated the toxic relationships that were weighing me down. If you can relate to anything I’m saying, please do yourself a favour and reach out to Sarah. She will change your life and the universe is right there behind her. You deserve all the happiness in the world, but sometimes you need someone to help you realize your full potential.
— Meagann R.

When Sarah said that I’ll never walk out from a soul session the same person, I was doubtful, but I kept trusting her. I flew all the way from France to Oslo to meet her to get the work done. Well, it’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

I finally got what I had been longing and yearning for years: to be heard, to be seen and to be understood. Sarah helped me find the blessing and the meaning behind my suffering. I had been feeling lost and unpurposed for years, and I now feel so sooo in love with life and excited about my future. I haven’t felt that free in years.

I’m beyond grateful that I have her in my life because she doesn’t let me settle for less than who I am. She helps me remember who I am.

Thank you thank you thank you.
— Jessica M.

I was in a not-so-great place with my career and my self-confidence when I reached out to Sarah. I had spent practically my whole life (and spent 8 years in post-secondary) working towards a career that I thought I would love and then was devastated when I realized that wasn’t the case. I was constantly stressed and miserable working in that field and didn’t know why. It left me wondering what was wrong with me and doubting my life choices. I had no idea what was going to happen with my career - was I going to abandon the field altogether? Shift gears within the industry? Go back to it? All I knew was that I needed some serious guidance and Sarah jumped out as someone that would know how to help because she went through a similar struggle. 

When I started my ‘temporary’/’in-between’ job I told myself I would work there for maybe 6 months or a year maximum while I figured out the next steps in my career. I got to about the 9-month feeling no further ahead and realized that I couldn’t make the changes that I wanted to alone. I had discovered Sarah and her coaching business a few months prior to that but didn’t take the plunge because I (mistakenly) thought I could figure it out on my own and, to be honest, because I was a bit scared of the process.

I had never worked with a coach before so I didn’t really know what to expect. But I knew from reading Sarah’s website and watching her videos etc. that she was going to be someone who would support me and push me to be a better version of myself while also having as much fun as possible.

I felt very nervous going into the first session with Sarah but also hopeful and excited because I had finally made the decision to reach out for help. That I made the right decision by choosing Sarah to work with. Her energy and her words were exactly what I needed at that point. Her demeanor, humour and ability to really listen to what I was saying put me immediately at ease and I felt my anxiety over the process disappear.

She helped me get back to feeling like myself. I was generally a fairly positive, glass-half-full type of person with goals for the future before the challenges and stresses of my career forced me into a place of low self-confidence, anxiety, depression, and hopelessness. After three months working with Sarah I feel like I am not only back to being the person I was before but an improved version of her with much more insight into myself. Three months doesn’t seem like very much time to make such a dramatic shift but that’s just how gifted Sarah is at what she does. I can now happily say that I have a plan for the future in my career and I have Sarah to thank for that! I have a lot of work ahead of me but now I know that I can handle it with the tools and strategies that I learned from Sarah. Oh and the icing on the cake? The shift in my confidence and outlook on life put me in a place where I was ready to meet an amazing guy who is now my boyfriend!

THANK YOU! I’ve said it before but I really can’t thank you enough for your support. I really wouldn’t be where I am right now without you and I will be forever grateful.
— Emily H.

Working with Sarah has been a true gift. Shortly after commencing my coaching calls I felt I had faced my worst fear: failure. After a roller coaster couple weeks I found myself in a position of no job and no real financial backing. But with Sarah’s support and unwavering belief in me and my goals, she helped in turning my life and mindset around. Sarah has a unique ability to truly see you as an authentic individual.

I feel my coaching sessions have launched me so much further and quicker into pursuing my dreams than I thought possible. I am now in a position where I have work arrangements bringing me in an income higher than previously planned, more time to teach yoga and beginning to build my own wellness coaching business, something I envisioned myself doing in 10-12 months down the line but I am doing right! This in itself is such a gift and something I truly believe would not have been possible without Sarah’s support and outstanding guidance.

I could not recommend Sarah enough. If you’re feeling lost, unsure or unworthy of your dreams, Sarah is there to not only pull you from that place, but to launch you out like a stunning firework!
— Louise G.

For those who know me, I probably seemingly have it all together. A good career, I live on my own, I have a nice vehicle, a kick-ass family and wicked friends, plus I can feed myself and somehow put clothes on and step out the door most morning’s with a bright smile on my face. But at the most basic level I struggle with anxiety and depression, among other things. Something that only a handful of people really know about me.

It started following a fitness competition I did a few years ago. It took me about 6 months before I was willing and ready to see a doctor about how I was feeling. His words cut like a knife, but were also a huge relief. I was diagnosed with severe body dysmorphic disorder, anxiety and depression.

Despite the fact that I was still 120 pounds, every time I looked in the mirror I swear I saw a small, grotesque land-whale. To me it looked like I weighed 200 pounds... or more. Eating gave me anxiety, people seeing the way I looked post-competition gave me anxiety, I felt guilty for the way I looked, shame for how things fell apart, I didn’t want to leave the house... EVER.

If people mentioned my weight (good or bad) I would usually have to quietly leave the room to panic, cry, or both. I refused to be in photos, and if I was, I didn’t share them. I felt crappy and insecure about every aspect of my life from my relationships to my work. So, I briefly saw a counsellor who made me feel a bit better about my body, about my experience.But I never REALLY got to the root core of my problems. So, my anxiety, depression and body image issues have continued to ebb and flow ever since.

Until my friend wrote an article in a local paper about a life coach. I visited her website and a line in her bio literally saved my life. Without hesitation, I emailed her and signed up as soon as I could. I didn’t have the money, but I knew without a doubt in my mind THIS was what I needed to do.

Since then, she’s helped me start take meaningful steps in working towards a life I truly want to build for myself. With her help, I began to realize that I based my entire self-worth off of my work. I put aside taking time to really do things that make me happy (being with family and friends, travelling, photography... the list goes on) I didn’t make my personal time personal; I have constantly been plugged in, turned on, and on the go for far too long. And through working with Sarah, I have been able to start taking back control of my life.

So I’m here to give hope to any person who is likely struggling in silence, those people who seemingly have it all together (who are probably writhing on the inside), or those who are even open about their struggles but just don’t know what the fuck to do. You’re not alone. Truth be told, we’re all a little fucked up... until we decide to fix it.
— Annie M.

I realized that this has been the longest period in my life that I’ve gone without a negative/depressed/self hate thought. I cannot remember the last time that happened. Working with Sarah has been absolutely life changing.

I felt lost, stuck, confused and unsure of where to go next. I attempted many different methods before I tried life coaching, and I am so thankful that I did - Sarah helped me to understand my life better than anyone else had in 25 years.

She helped me break into the core problems I needed to work on and she encouraged me to work on myself in a productive and lasting way that truly worked. Not only did she give me the tools I needed to move forward in life, but she also helped me unlock my own confidence to believe that I can make effective changes for myself. I’m so thankful for the day I took the leap.

After my last Soul Session, I felt the most empowered I’ve ever felt. I left feeling raw, emotionally spent from shedding deep layers and cracking into myself, but also ecstatic and uplifted. It felt as though I had a renewed sense of hope, self and life, and like I got to meet the real me after a long time away. This session was unlike anything I could’ve expected, Sarah helped me understand a lot of why I was hurting, as well as how to help myself through it. I truly cannot put into words what this work has done for me. Sarah’s support, encouragement, genuine honesty and abilities to find the exact words I need to hear are rare gifts.
— Grace M.

If your interest is piqued and you want to learn more about how we can work together, then keep on reading to find out which of my two signature coaching programs work best for you.



This is for the high-achieving and purpose-driven women of the world who have a deep desire to live, love and lead with more purpose. This is a complete overhaul of every area in your life. You have big and meaningful things to do in the world and you require accountability, high-level strategy and a plan that sticks, in order to see your vision come to life. 

This is what your high-level, premium package includes:

  • 20-page self-discovery workbook that sets the framework for our work together. 
  • 3 day DISCOVER private intensive held in either Banff, Alberta or Larvik, Norway - pending on available dates and desired location. 
  • 30-day ELEVATE program: Self-study audio recordings and workbook exercises that will help to rewire your beliefs and mindset to create immediate change in your life. You have access to this for life and can replay it over and over again.
  • 48 x 30 minute calls conducted weekly for 12 months
  • Unlimited email support between sessions as necessary
  • Emergency lifeline phone call support between sessions as needed 
  • Recommended materials and resources as needed

You’re done “playing small” and settling for less in your life. You know you are capable of so much more, but you feel drained, exhausted, overwhelmed and quite honestly, lost, with where and how to start making the changes you need to make, in order to move forward. The lack of clarity, certainty, direction, confidence and the voice of your inner critic has been paralyzing you, and your potential, for far too long. The thought of spending one more day without taking action is simply not an option. You know you’re capable (and so deserving) of that “something more”, but the commitment required is both daunting and uncomfortable, and you may not even know what that “something more” is. 

Our work begins with my signature 3 day DISCOVER private intensives which are offered in Banff, Albera or Larvik, Norway. 

Your investment:

  • Package A: One full payment of $15,000 + GST/HST (based on your location) Savings of $2,000
  • Package B: Three payments of $5,500 + GST/HST (based on your location) Savings of $500
  • Package C: One initial payment of $6,000 plus 11 monthly payments of $1,000 + GST/HST (based on your location)
**All prices are in Canadian dollars 

Testimonial (18).png
Testimonial (20).png


A real, raw and intimate journey that removes the limitations, old stories and thought patterns that have disconnected you from your innate power and purpose. This is for those who want massive and life-altering change, to take their vision from thought to implementation and elevate their impact in the world. You will walk out of this 3 day experience with a deeper sense of clarity, peace and finally understand your limitless capabilities. Your life will never be the same again.  

Picture this:

You’re on a plane, 33,000 feet above ground, unplugged and slowly distancing yourself from all of the stressors, concerns, ever-increasing email count, social media mentions and all other day-to-day responsibilities that constantly constrict your freedom and weigh heavily on your shoulders. As the plane rises steadily away from your day-to-day obligations, you feel your body relax, your shoulder tension fades, your jaw unclenches and what feels like an ever-permanent crease on your forehead from worry and stress is released. You breath a deep sigh of relief as the people, cars, buildings and cities become small specs of dust as you elevate higher into the sky. You haven’t felt this free in what feels like months, maybe even years.

You’ve stepped off the ledge into the unknown, and it feels exhilarating. You don’t quite know what to expect, other than three days of authentic and genuine connection and support, high level strategy and a very unconventional approach to break down and tackle each and every barrier, challenge and stressor in your life (even the ones hiding under the surface that you didn’t know existed). You’re about to embark on a journey that very few people in the world are willing to take that will - at last - give you the results you’ve been looking for in a fraction of the time that it would take to try to get there on your own.

You might feel nervous, cautiously optimistic and uncomfortable as hell, but the choice is clear: the only one responsible for creating a life you *truly* love, is you... and every fibre of your being is telling you this is exactly what you've been waiting for. 

During DISCOVER, you’ll experience that (and a heck of a lot more). And in the process, you’ll be able to release your past, reconnect to your power and set the framework for a brand new future. Together, we'll be implementing new strategies, practices and tools that will have you breaking down barriers, releasing old stories and beliefs and moving forward as the unstoppable force that you are, at your core.

Think of this as a 3-day creative-collaboration that will kickstart your future of limitless possibility. 

Your adventure begins bright and early at sunrise. You will find yourself in complete unknown territory with some of the most breathtakingly beautiful views you've ever encountered. You never know what will happen during these experiences; you may find yourself in the wilderness on uncharted soil or you may find yourself plunging into the North Sea. Your limits will be tested, your comfort zone will be expanded and you will do things you didn't think were possible. These experiences are uniquely customized to your individual needs and aspirations and this entire journey is designed to rewire your thought patterns, alter your state and shift your outlook while we engrain new beliefs and habits that will set you up for success. You will be feeling, thinking and operating at a whole new level.

One thing is for sure, your life will never be the same.

We'll be covering critical life concepts and hidden links to shift the abundance in your life. This one-of-a-kind experience covers it all because if you lack confidence and clarity in one area of your life, it's likely affecting other areas as well. We'll be diving into personal growth, boundaries, leadership, self-care, accountability, vulnerability and contribution. It's about elevation: elevating your income, self-worth, spiritual growth and innate human potential and impact in the world. You'll walk away from this experience rewired with a new standard of excellence for how you'll live out the remaining years of your life. It's time to eliminate the resistance, end the excuses, overcome the scarcity, remove the uncertainty and propel you forward so you can live, love and lead with more purpose. 


You're on the right path but could use a fresh perspective with a focus on a specific area in your life. 

Here's what my intro package includes:
  • 20 page self-discovery workbook that sets the framework for our work together. 
  • 1 full-day and in-person private intensive held in either Calgary, Alberta or Tønsberg, Norway - pending on available dates and desired location. 
  • 30-day ELEVATE program: Self-study audio recordings and workbook exercises that will help to rewire your beliefs and mindset to create immediate change in your life. You have access to this for life and can replay it over and over again.
  • 12 x 30 minute calls conducted weekly for 3 months
  • Unlimited email support between sessions as necessary
  • Recommended materials and resources as needed

Your investment:

  • Package A: One full payment upfront of $5,000. (Savings of $800)
  • Package B: One initial payment of $2,500 and two monthly payments of $1,650
**All prices are in Canadian dollars and include GST/HST based on your location

**Important to note: My programs are not a one-size-fits-all approach and the changes you desire to make will not occur overnight. That’s why I encourage my clients to commit to a year of work. I don’t just want to give you all of the tools, tips and tricks that have worked for my clients in the past and send you on your way, I want to help you change on a cellular level and that requires time, energy, repetition, observation and consistency. I want to help you rewire new thoughts, beliefs, patterns and habits that enable you to create the lasting change you want to make, once and for all.

In other words, if you are looking for a quick-fix approach to solving all your problems, it is highly unlikely my coaching programs are for you.

“Today is the most empowered I’ve ever felt after a full day of self work. I left the soul session feeling raw, emotionally spent from shedding deep layers and cracking into myself, but also ecstatic and uplifted. It felt as though I had a renewed sense of hope, self and life, and like I got to meet the real me after a long time away. This session was unlike anything I could’ve expected, Sarah helped me understand a lot of why I was hurting, as well as how to help myself through it. By diving into the layers of self betrayal and forgiving myself for past pain, I shed light onto sides of me I forgot existed: hope, light, love, and a drive to live were all reignited on this day of one on one work.

I truly cannot put into words what this day meant to me. Sarah’s love, support, encouragement, genuine honesty and abilities to find the exact words I need to hear are gifts that only she possess. This day has reminded me that I am amazing, to my core, and by embracing my shadows, I can shed layers and understand myself in new and exciting ways. I am forever grateful that this woman has chosen a life path of helping people, because she truly is a gift and light to the world!

I now know my worth, and know that a better and happier life is possible and worth living.
— Samantha R.

Going into my one on one with Sarah, I didn’t really know what to expect. We had been working together for a few months and I already had felt a shift in my life, so I knew how much she had to offer me. However, I could never have prepared for the shift that was about to take place in our one on one.

It was a day of facing my fears, my shame, and my past, but also letting it all go to see how great my life could be without all the baggage dragging me down. By the end of the day I was exhausted, but for the first time in over 10 years I felt free from all the negativity that I had subconsciously been holding onto. I could finally look forward with hope and love, instead of fear. My one on one with Sarah was life-changing! Even after months of working together, I don’t know if I could have come as far today were it not for the one on one that let me release so much of the weight that was holding me back and I definitely could not have done it without Sarah! She is such a light, and no matter the situation she always has something positive, knowledgeable, and encouraging to say without making you feel like she says it to everyone or isn’t being genuine.

I do not see my foreseeable future without Sarah and her amazing light in it. Sarah, thank you for helping me to change my life and realize the abundance of love and beauty this world has to offer!
— Kristen M.

From the moment I stumbled across Sarah’s website, I felt a connection to her story and the work she was doing. I could just feel her radiant authenticity and deep desire to help people like me become their happiest and healthiest self. After our initial call, deciding to work with her was kind of a no-brainer for me. (Even just the act of choosing to invest in myself like this is a huge step in creating and living a happy and vibrant life!)

Each week, I look forward to our calls so much. It is amazing to have someone like Sarah - who is so patient, non-judgmental, graceful, and wise - in my corner. What Sarah has helped me personally with the most is giving me the permission that is sometimes so hard to give myself. Permission to rest and really take care of myself. Permission to set and communicate boundaries with people. Permission to take the time I need to take to truly heal, without rush or pressure or expectation. Having Sarah there to do cheer me on and help me get outside of my own head is invaluable.

Personally, I think every single person could benefit from having a life coach in one way or another. If you feel stuck or think you may need an outside someone to be in your corner, to be your cheerleader, to help get clarity or dig into issues that have been holding you back... I seriously recommend getting on a call with Sarah. Your future self thanks you.
— Abigail B.

After a traumatic time in my personal life I couldn’t get back on my feet. As a former athlete I considered myself good at goal setting and even better at sticking to a plan. During this time I could not, no matter what I tried, get myself motivated to do the things that always made me feel in control and healthy. I realized the athlete side of me would benefit from a coach, literally! I needed someone to speak with candidly who could offer support I couldn’t ask of others in my life. Sarah was not only a coach in the typical sense I’d hoped for but approached every call with care and acute attention. She helped me identify when I was being a little too tough on myself and when I slipped off course we broke down why and how to get right.

Since our time together I feel so much more confident approaching times when I know I will be challenged and the good days are extra sweet. I so encourage anyone considering this process to chat with her so you can understand yourself why she is such a light in this world.
— Kristy S.

When we first connected not a whole lot was going on in my life. I was in a rut with work, I had a lot of friends who were energy vampires, my love life was in the gutter and my self-care (mentally, emotionally and physically) was about the worst it’s ever been. After my first introductory session with Sarah I knew that I couldn’t put a price tag on my life decisions and my life goals. Her passion for helping others and the ‘road block’ I felt I was currently in went hand-in-hand. The energy, relief and positive outlook on life I felt after just the first session was enough for me to make a commitment. The sessions blew my mind, the positive energy I had radiated after each call and the control I had over my life was second to none. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I felt like I had a life purpose again.

My friends feel like I don’t react negatively nearly as much as I use to, I’m motivated and bring positive energy into the room. I’ve had many friends ask me to share my experience with them as they want to be as happy and goal-driven as I am. My relationship with my sister and dad is stronger than ever. I have more patience in my career with clients, staff and I’m able to see the bigger picture. I’ve also noticed that my reactions are more calculated. I try and see each situation with ‘love’ and take out any negative thoughts or comments before speaking. The way I react in situations has removed negativity, anxiety, stress and I physically and mentally feel like a new person. I’m truly grateful for this gift!
— Kristy C.