Welcome to the next chapter of your life.

Your coaching experience is meant to be transofmrative, intiate space between us where I have the honour of being a mirror to you for the next chapter of life. It is one of the biggest priveleges of my life to work alongside you and make magic happen.

On this page you’ll find everything you need to get you started on our journey.

What partnering with me looks like:

  • Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled values aligned goals

  • Take practical action towards your soul’s truth

  • Learn practical tools while offering a sacred space for the messy process of self-discovery unraveling and integration. (A shame free zone where you’ll be stretch and called to your highest, bu never judged.)

  • Move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the life you want.

  • Set yourself free from fear of judgment, expectations and perfectionism.

  • Learn how to set boundaries, allowing you to live from overflow, trust yourself and live from true worth instead of obligation.

My 6 Month Package

  • Receiving a pre-coaching discovery workbook

  • 1 x 90 minute intention session where the focus is all about getting to know you, understanding what makes you tick and setting intentions for our 6 month journey together

  • 11 x 45 minut transofmration sessions. We will meet bi-weekly to dive deep, create new stories, trasform pain to power and remove blocks keeping you from living life on your terms

  • 6 months of email chat support as needed

  • Personalized support videos as needed

  • Full notes with action steps, journaling prompsts, and recommended materials after each session

  • Plus special gifts I handpick and first dibs on my invite only inner-circle retreats.

Before the first call:

Fill out your personal discovery workbook.

Below you will find the personal discovery workbook for you to fill out which will help me get clear on the best course of action moving forward. I recommend while you are filling this out, dedicate an evening for this so you can really hone in on what you most want to achieve during our time together. It's designed to bring attention to some areas that may not be obvious to you right now and the more clarity you have around what you are hoping to achieve during our time together, the more focused we can be in our sessions. You don't have to answer every question - just the areas that you feel are important for you. Please don't hesitate to include any other thoughts or areas of importance in your life that come to mind, that may not be outlined in the workbook. 

Return the packet to me via email at least 24 hours before our first call. If I have not received the packet 24 hours in advance, our first call will be immediately rescheduled.

Please come to the first call with a copy of your packet handy, a journal and pen. Whether we are meeting on the phone or zoom, grab some headphones and make yourself comfy in a quiet space. This will ensure our time together will be 100% focused on you and our work together, without distraction.

Book your initial 90 minute deep dive call:

Please fill out your information in the form below. Once you submit, you will see a link to book your first call! Please book our 90 minute call and reserve that time slot specifically for you and I to get better acquainted. After you've booked our deep dive session, I will send our client agreement for you to review and sign. At that point, you are free to make your investment + secure your spot!

Name *

Your coaching package:

Before you confirm your method of payment, please read over our client terms. This agreement will be sent over after you make your payment. We trust in you making the financial commitment, you have read over the terms and are ready to sign the agreement. 

Your final Pre-Coaching checklist in order:

the indigo experience-80.jpg
  • Read over the Coaching Agreement

  • Filled out the Client Form

  • Booked your deep dive session + added it to your planner or ICal

  • Confirmed payment for your coaching package

  • Completed the self-discovery workbook + emailed it 24 hours before our first call

  • Signed the Client Agreement (Sent after deposit is made)

Once this checklist is complete you're all set! I am so excited to begin this transformational journey with you and I can't wait to see everything that begins to unfold.

Sarah xx