When I hired Sarah I was looking for someone to hold my hand while I carved out some space in my life for taking care of myself. I am a first-time mom and after the birth of my daughter my life radically changed. I felt insecure and lost most of the time and felt a longing to reconnect with myself after feeling my life was being devoted to others and what I needed or wanted was always last on the list. I knew it was up to me to get myself back on track but I had no idea where to start. So I thought hiring a coach would help by having someone outside my immediate circle of family and friends to support me and make me accountable. I had no idea what to expect.

Three and a half months later I feel completely different. I can’t even describe in words what happened but while working with Sarah I had a shift in my attitude towards myself and others that has been a gift. When I came to Sarah I was sleep deprived with a co-sleeping breastfeeding toddler whom I wanted to wean but was terrified to do so. I was scared and guilty about putting myself first - even just taking an hour after work to get a manicure felt like I was abandoning my husband and daughter. I felt crazy to consider wanting to start a new business that would give me the freedom to build my own work/life balance when I could barely have the time to sit down and drink a warm cup of tea.

With Sarah’s support I have rebuilt a healthier relationship with my daughter, weaned her off breastfeeding and got her to sleep in her own room in the gentle way I always wanted to, promoted a deeper relationship between my daughter and husband and gained the confidence to not only take care of myself in the ways that are the most pleasing to me, but also to jump into a new career path that I can already see will be more aligned with the life I want to lead.

I just hired Sarah for another full year of coaching because her support and guidance have become invaluable for me. Best money spent, hands down. Thank you Sarah!!!
— Anna M.
I was overwhelmed and stressed out at work. I also was dealing with a number personal life issues such a family death and a breakup. All together, it became too much to handle on a daily basis. My friends were starting to notice things and kept saying I didn’t seem like myself. What I needed was a bit of a mental overhaul. I needed a fresh perspective and some new motivation.

I read an article in the local newspaper about a life coach who had earned some major international recognition. I had heard of the concept before, but didn’t really know too much about it. I looked into it and it came to me that this is exactly some of the things I need. I had not worked with a coach before. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I was hoping that my coach would be able to fully understand what I was dealing with and then be able to provide the tools I needed to move forward.

I felt highly nervous at first. The idea of sharing your most intimate and emotional details to a stranger seemed like a strange idea still, even if I had agreed to do it. Within even the first five minutes of the first session, I felt comfortable and open with Sarah. By the end, it felt like I’ve known her forever and that her thoughts, ideas and strategies were great and had actually worked on an admittedly stubborn person. She made me feel like things could and will get better, and a few of my closest friends have said such things as “you seem more like yourself than you have in a long time” and “you look happy and healthy. It’s nice to see.”

I think part of my confidence and self-confidence are both returning. They had been largely absent for more than a year. I had felt empty inside for a long time. Nothing was working. More work? No. More escapism? No. I now feel like I don’t need to seek out happiness that really isn’t there. I’ve learned to accept what I do have and be happy with that. That concept doesn’t come naturally to me, so these strategies have made a huge difference. I have started to see some shifts. I’ve learned to better check out from work while I’m not there, I feel better being around people.

Sarah pushed me to find elements of myself that were always there, but had decided to lay dormant for an extended period of time.
— Michael F.
From the moment I stumbled across Sarah’s website, I felt a connection to her story and the work she was doing. I could just feel her radiant authenticity and deep desire to help people like me become their happiest and healthiest self. After our initial call, deciding to work with her was kind of a no-brainer for me. (Even just the act of choosing to invest in myself like this is a huge step in creating and living a happy and vibrant life!)

Each week, I look forward to our calls so much. It is amazing to have someone like Sarah - who is so patient, non-judgmental, graceful, and wise - in my corner. What Sarah has helped me personally with the most is giving me the permission that is sometimes so hard to give myself. Permission to rest and really take care of myself. Permission to set and communicate boundaries with people. Permission to take the time I need to take to truly heal, without rush or pressure or expectation. Having Sarah there to do cheer me on and help me get outside of my own head is invaluable.

Personally, I think every single person could benefit from having a life coach in one way or another. If you feel stuck or think you may need an outside someone to be in your corner, to be your cheerleader, to help get clarity or dig into issues that have been holding you back... I seriously recommend getting on a call with Sarah. Your future self thanks you.
— Abigial B.

“I’ll be honest, I only started working with Sarah a few weeks ago. I have no idea where this journey is going to take me, but I have already come such a long way from where I was. I went into our call this week after having a bit of a ‘relapse’ and was feeling helpless and worthless. It felt great in the moment, but the ‘hangover’ hurt like hell. I was considering quitting. I wanted to tell Sarah that I couldn’t continue. I’d blame my finances. I’d also say I already know what I need to do. I’d tell her I didn’t need her help.

I got on the call with her, and instead of telling her I was giving up on this “life coach” thing, I unloaded the truth. I told her that the materials she’d given me, and the work she had me do had already lead me to see where the root of one of my biggest issues was. This didn’t happen because she forced me to tell her. I could have easily said “Sarah, look. I don’t feel like I am getting anything out of this. I can do all of these things without your help.” And I started to tell her that. I told her I was feeling depressed despite all of the progress I’d made the week before. She said “Ok. Dig in.” Surprised by the lack of judgement, I stumbled on my words for a few seconds. But what came out of my mouth next was not what I’d rehearsed.

I’ve never had someone in my corner quite the way Sarah is. I’ve never had someone in my corner who understands what I’m really saying, when I’m stumbling and trying to find my words. I’ve never had anyone understand right away why I can’t get the right words to come out. I’ve never had anyone not address my concerns with “You NEED to do this.”. I’m not even really sure I’ve ever had someone in my corner, period.

It’s not about the things you’ve done or didn’t do. It’s not about your seemingly dim light. It’s about the WHY. It’s about treating the cause, not the symptom. That’s the method. I am about as financially strapped as they come, and getting to the bottom of those questions has been worth every penny to me so far.”
— Tiffany L.

After a traumatic time in my personal life I couldn’t get back on my feet. As a former athlete I considered myself good at goal setting and even better at sticking to a plan. During this time I could not, no matter what I tried, get myself motivated to do the things that always made me feel in control and healthy. I realized the athlete side of me would benefit from a coach, literally! I needed someone to speak with candidly who could offer support I couldn’t ask of others in my life. Sarah was not only a coach in the typical sense I’d hoped for but approached every call with care and acute attention. She helped me identify when I was being a little too tough on myself and when I slipped off course we broke down why and how to get right.

Since our time together I feel so much more confident approaching times when I know I will be challenged and the good days are extra sweet. I so encourage anyone considering this process to chat with her so you can understand yourself why she is such a light in this world.
— Brodie, L.

“Working with Sarah has been a true gift. Shortly after commencing my coaching calls I felt I had faced my worst fear: failure. After a roller coaster couple weeks I found myself in a position of no job and no real financial backing. But with Sarah’s support and unwavering belief in me and my goals, she helped in turning my life and mindset around. Sarah has a unique ability to truly see you as an authentic individual.

I feel my coaching sessions have launched me so much further and quicker into pursuing my dreams than I thought possible. I am now in a position where I have work arrangements bringing me in an income higher than previously planned, more time to teach yoga and beginning to build my own wellness coaching business, something I envisioned myself doing in 10-12 months down the line but I am doing right now...today! This in itself is such a gift and something I truly believe would not have been possible without Sarah’s support and outstanding guidance.

I could not recommend Sarah enough. If you’re feeling lost, unsure or unworthy of your dreams, Sarah is there to not only pull you from that place, but to launch you out like a stunning firework!”
— Louise G.

Immediately by the end of the first session I felt relief. Sarah has an absolute divine skill at making you feel completely at ease with her from minute one. For someone such as myself who finds it easy to talk about everything but my own issues and insecurities, Sarah immediately put me at ease and I felt comfortable to open up to her. Our first session I had nervously chosen the two areas I wished to focus on; the two of my life that I often tried to avoid for fear of the discomfort they would cause. Sarah helped make me feel confident that I was making the right decision to face these.

My mindset has done a full 180. My confidence in my abilities and my self-belief has grown tenfold and now most days I wake up ready to take on the day, excited for what’s in store. I feel like the inner energy inside me has reignited now and I feel more content and grateful.
— Emilia K.

I realized that I couldn’t continue with my life that I was living. I was extremely unhappy with my life and needed a change. I was living a life where at least once a month I would have an “emotional breakdown” where I would just wallow in self-pity…it got to a point where I though that it was normal to feel that way. However, I’ve realized that it is not normal and haven’t had a “emotional breakdown” since we’ve started working together!

I think the biggest shift has been feeling like my goals are actually achievable. I feel happier, and more hopeful for the future. I believe that my dreams are possible and I can create a life that I desire.
— Rebecca M.

Going into my one on one with Sarah, I didn’t really know what to expect. We had been working together for a few months and I already had felt a shift in my life, so I knew how much she had to offer me. However, I could never have prepared for the shift that was about to take place in our one on one.

It was a day of facing my fears, my shame, and my past, but also letting it all go to see how great my life could be without all the baggage dragging me down. By the end of the day I was exhausted, but for the first time in over 10 years I felt free from all the negativity that I had subconsciously been holding onto. I could finally look forward with hope and love, instead of fear. My one on one with Sarah was life-changing! Even after months of working together, I don’t know if I could have come as far today were it not for the one on one that let me release so much of the weight that was holding me back and I definitely could not have done it without Sarah! She is such a light, and no matter the situation she always has something positive, knowledgeable, and encouraging to say without making you feel like she says it to everyone or isn’t being genuine.

I do not see my foreseeable future without Sarah and her amazing light in it. Sarah, thank you for helping me to change my life and realize the abundance of love and beauty this world has to offer!
— Kristen M
I was struggling with self-care, to feel powerful, and to feel known. I REALLY felt like you believed in me and that made all the difference. I’ve been burned by a lot of coaches in the past, so working with you was a refreshing experience. I realized the power of committing to action. And how I had been giving away my own power because of fear. I feel more aware of when I am giving my power away and how connected I feel with myself.

What I loved about Sarah is how she is deeply aware of her clients showing them compassion while also pushing you to do things that might bring up fear in you. I left every call feeling more encouraged and empowered than when I came in. She saw me as I really am and that was the most powerful gift to me. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make movement in their life.
— Ashley B.
Working with Sarah was absolutely life changing! I felt lost, stuck, confused and unsure of where to go next. I attempted many different methods before I tried life coaching, and I am so thankful that I did - Sarah helped me to understand my life better than anyone else had in 25 years! She helped me break into the core problems I needed to work on, and through supportive and helpful words, she encouraged me to work on myself in a productive and lasting way that worked for me almost instantly. Not only did she give me the tools I needed to move forward in life, but she also helped me unlock my own confidence to believe that I can make effective changes for myself. I’m so thankful for the day I took the leap and tried a call with Sarah, because it has lead to fast and positive changes in my life!

I realized that this has been the longest period in my life that I’ve gone without a negative/depressed/self hate thought. I cannot remember the last time that happened! I really wouldn’t be on this journey without Sarah’s guidance and encouragement!! She allowed and encouraged me to get here, she helped me to see myself in such a new and positive light, and I’ll be forever grateful that she came into my life!
— Jennifer B.

When we first connected not a whole lot was going on in my life. I was in a rut with work, I had a lot of friends who were energy vampires, my love life was in the gutter and my self-care (mentally, emotionally and physically) was about the worst it’s ever been. After my first introductory session with Sarah I knew that I couldn’t put a price tag on my life decisions and my life goals. Her passion for helping others and the ‘road block’ I felt I was currently in went hand-in-hand. The energy, relief and positive outlook on life I felt after just the first session was enough for me to make a commitment. The sessions blew my mind, the positive energy I had radiated after each call and the control I had over my life was second to none. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I felt like I had a life purpose again.

My friends feel like I don’t react negatively nearly as much as I use to, I’m motivated and bring positive energy into the room. I’ve had many friends ask me to share my experience with them as they want to be as happy and goal-driven as I am. My relationship with my sister and dad is stronger than ever. I have more patience in my career with clients, staff and I’m able to see the bigger picture. I’ve also noticed that my reactions are more calculated. I try and see each situation with ‘love’ and take out any negative thoughts or comments before speaking. The way I react in situations has removed negativity, anxiety, stress and I physically and mentally feel like a new person. I’m truly grateful for this gift!
— Kristy C.

Before my session with Sarah I felt like I was in a life rut. I had no direction, the same routine, limited goals and an unproductive flow of ideas. I wanted to start achieving more out of my life but didn’t think I knew what I wanted or how to get there. From the moment that we connected Sarah emitted positive and encouraging energy. She was someone who I wanted to share my goals and aspirations with no matter how large or small they were. She quickly helped me realize my potential and the importance of living a confident and happy life. She asked the right questions and provided a wealth of knowledge and advice that helped to develop and connect my goals with an action plan. After the session with Sarah I felt so inspired to go after what I wanted in life. This go getter attitude and positive way of thinking has helped ignite my creativity and drive to pursue my goals of seeing the world.
— Emily W.

If the opportunity exists to work with Sarah through this coaching program, I would recommend it to anyone serious about making positive change in their life. It was a challenging and real experience that forces you to be honest about yourself, where you’re at and where you want to be. It’s difficult to open up about insecurities to someone you may not know but I always felt I was in a supportive and encouraging environment. This program was exactly what I needed during a time of self-doubt, unhappiness and living an unhealthy lifestyle. Since working with Sarah, I have started my own business, while graduating from university and am physically active everyday. There are times of regression, but I now have the tools to always get myself back on track. Thank you Sarah!!
— Kayla W.

“I can’t thank Sarah enough for our time together. Her coaching is heartfelt, kind, and honest, and she was a real cheerleader for me in the beginning stages of starting my own business. With her loving support, I was able to get out of my own way, and step into action. Throughout our journey, I grew in confidence and worked through some of my deepest fears around “putting myself out there”. She truly believed in me, when I didn’t really believe in myself, and always left me feeling like I could do anything at the end of each session. A truly inspiring and beautiful soul.”
— Bethany-May

Everybody has their “mountain” in life that they need to get past. What is incredible about Sarah is that she doesn’t move those mountains for you, she helps you embrace them to whole-heartedly enjoy the journey over them. Sarah has helped me set incremental, attainable, and meaningful goals that have broken down the fear of going after what I want out of life. She maximizes every second of our sessions, and after each one I walked away feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and prepared. I am truly grateful for the impact that Sarah has had on my life both personally and professionally and I can’t wait to continue on the path that she has helped pave for me.
— Michelle W.

Sarah made me feel like it was okay to seek guidance, and did so in a way where she didn’t tell me what to do, but rather asked the important questions that made me think about WHY I wanted to enact change in my own life, and HOW I could do so on my own terms. In just our first call, Sarah really enabled me to push myself outside of my comfort zone and challenged me to deep dive into personal challenges that I had lurking inside of me - things I hadn’t been able to identify until she asked the right questions to draw them out.
— Ellen D.

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