About Sarah Lajeunesse


Sarah Lajeunesse is an internationally certified and award-winning lifestyle & leadership coach, on a mission to help purpose-driven women gain the clarity, confidence and direction necessary to carry out their mission in the world.  

Sarah spent five years working in sports management in a variety of positions including marketing, events and corporate sponsorships. She developed the destructive habit of associating her identity and self-worth with the success of her career, which inevitably led to a string of anxiety attacks, toxic habits, broken relationships and waking up one morning with the life-altering realization that there was so much more to life than what she was currently experiencing. After completing her international life coaching certification, Sarah launched her business and devoted her life's work to helping other women reconnect to their innate power and purpose so they could live, love and lead from their highest selves (without sacrificing their freedom, self-care and adventure, along the way). 

Sarah now works with clients in multiple countries from all over the world, hosts women’s empowerment workshops and conducts 1:1 private intensive retreats with her clients in Banff, Alberta and Larvik, Norway. Sarah is a certified life coach through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and has a bachelor of management in marketing with a minor in social responsibility from the University of Lethbridge in Canada.

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