What is Life coaching?

Life Coaching draws upon a variety of techniques from disciplines such as psychology, sociology, social work, personal development and career development to assist people create change in their lives; moving them from where they are, to where they want to be. Coaching helps people think and behave differently; consciously learning what is best for them and the life they want to live. 

Through motivation, education and accountability, coaching helps people make lasting changes that improve their life as a whole. 

As a coach trained through the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I practice under the following principles:

  • Focus on self - You drive the relationship, you set the agenda, you make your own decisions. Your personal growth, regardless of the goals you have set for yourself, is paramount.
  • Empowered growth and learning - My role is to support you to a greater level of awareness and empowerment through the provision of a safe coaching space, powerful questions and positive feedback.

  • Solutions-focused - Together, we will seek solutions to, not the causes or reasons, behind a problem or issue. I'll support you to set your sights not on what has occurred in the past or even the 'why' of where you currently are, but to focus on the place you want to be.

  • Challenge - You'll be stretched. You'll be challenged. You'll grow. And as you grow, you'll move towards the person you most want to be. 

  • Encouragement - You'll be coached in a safe space of growth where positive feedback, encouragement and ongoing empowerment is given.

  • Accountability - I'll hold you gently accountable to daily and weekly actions as well as milestone steps.

  • Process - An organized, systematic and goal-oriented coaching model is utilized to give you the very best chance to achieve what you most want. 

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