Hi. I'm Sarah!

I’m an internationally certified and award-winning coach, writer and speaker who helps individuals experience greater purpose, deeper joy, and more fulfilling lives.

I spent the better part of my professional career working in the world of sports in events, marketing and corporate sponsorships. Though I landed my dream job at an early age, I felt that I was constantly waiting for the "next big thing" to make me feel happy and fulfilled. The nice car, apartment, promotion, pay raise or more impressive title on my business card. Yet, with every acquirement of the "next big thing", I felt a quick burst of excitement, energy and temporary fulfillment, before quickly going back to the unhappy and unfulfilled state that I was in before. 

I associated my self-worth and my identity with the success of my career, so everything else took a back seat. I stopped making time for exercise, proper nutrition, relationships and most importantly, self-care. I considered this type of overworked and burnt-out lifestyle to be just a "means to an end” and that I was just "earning my stripes". I knew that if I continued to put everything into my career, then the promotions, money and trendy apartment would give me all the happiness I needed. 

In a nutshell, I became so disconnected from myself that I forgot who I was and what truly made me happy, in the process. 

In an attempt to curb my anxiety and calm my mind, I decided to make my way to a yoga class one morning. It took all of seven minutes before I felt faint, sprinted from my mat, collapsed on the change room floor and began vomiting, shaking and sobbing uncontrollably. (The first of several severe anxiety attacks.) I remember telling myself that if I wanted to succeed in the corporate sector that stress, burn-out and anxiety attacks were part of the process to working your way to the top. 

Soon enough, I was being approached by and interviewed with multiple professional sports organizations, traveled to the Nike Headquarters in Oregon to meet with my mentor to begin setting in motion my future employment and was selected as one of the top "5 Under 25 to Watch" in the Canadian sports business industry. According to my own standards of success, I should have been the happiest camper around and yet, I woke up every single morning feeling completely miserable, constantly stressed, incredibly alone and severely unfulfilled. 

I began to realize that the only person responsible for my own happiness, was me. I could either continue to "drift" through life, avoiding uncomfortable change and waiting for many more inevitable anxiety attacks (and eventually much worse) or, I could take back control of my own life, change my trajectory and redefine success and happiness on my own terms. I didn't want to live an anxious, overwhelmed and unfulfilled life anymore. In that moment, my mindset shifted from wanting to change my life to deciding to change my life. 

I began working with my own coach who helped me overcome fears, remove self-doubt and quiet my inner critic. I was able to release past experiences that - at a subconscious level - was preventing me from feeling worthy or deserving of making the change I wanted to make in my life. I removed habits, activities, people and beliefs that no longer served me. I began to feel more connected, aligned and in-tune with the life I wanted to live and create. Relationships improved, my stress and anxiety decreased, I experienced a greater level of energy, vibrancy, joy and excitement for life and I began to see (and witness) my limitless capabilities.

I had begun to realize that happiness and fulfilment came when you started your work from the inside, and only when we start prioritizing our own self-care and wellness are we in a position to excel in our career, relationships, health, mindset and everything else in between. I knew I needed to share that with others.

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